What is thought Leadership and when do you use it?

Thought leadership is a type of content marketing where you tap into the talent. experience, and passion inside your business, or from your community, to consistently answer the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience of a particular topic.

Thought leadership has been around for a while, however the idea had made a comeback in more recent years. So what does it mean today? How does it help your career? According to the Oxford Dictionary, Thought Leadership refers to, "intellectual influence and innovative or pioneering thinking".

A thought leader is recognized by peers, customers and industry experts as someone who deeply understands the business they are in, the needs of their customers and the broader marketplace in which they operate. They have distinctively original ideas and perhaps new insights.

Thought Leadership is a key component in content marketing, but having a "unique point of view" may be considered a "back fire" strategy. I believe that your audience isn't always looking for differentiated content all the time. They are simply looking for the best answers to their questions. So differentiate with your point of view when and where appropriate. Differentiate with your visuals. But differentiate with consistency by becoming an authority and by helping your customers with different types of content every single day.

So when should you use Thought Leadership?

  • One of the best ways to establish authority on a topic is to produce deep research on the subject.

  • You should define all of your customer's challenges and define the best ways to overcome them.

  • Don't just talk about how your product is better, focus on the quality of content you are delivering

What does it take to become a successful Thought Leader?

  • Become an expert on a particular niche

  • Have ongoing involvement in (or awareness) of the niche

  • Have a clearly identified point of view

  • Credibility

  • Develop a supportive following

How is Thought Leadership marketing different?

Thought Leadership marketing refers to the strategy of using thought leadership to attract clients and grow your brand and business. It is often used as part of an overall strategy for B2B or B2C.

How can this help your career?

Sharing valuable insights and research from your own experience and engaging with relevant communities you can drive traffic to your platforms, increasing your professional opportunities and even increasing your earning potential.

How can this help with your product/service?

When investing time in becoming a Thought Leader, you lend even more credibility to your product/service. By connecting with your personal brand, potential customers will have an easier time trusting the products/services associated with you.

Thought leadership can come from anyone - customers, executives, designers, product managers, sales staff, etc;. Ultimately, Thought Leaders need to inspire your consumers to act and take the next step in their journey.

Want to know more about Thought Leadership and how to approach it? Stay tuned... for part 2!

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