What is Leadership Deficit Disorder? AKA LDD

Leadership is fundamental to success and perhaps even survival

1 in 4 med sized companies in the United States have a significant and measurable leadership problem. Bringing the larger issues to the forefront due to the unique economic and social currents presented by COVID-19. Kevin Gregson (CEO and Co-founder of Aniline) conducted a study where his team analyzed 3,000 med-sized companies with between 500-2000 employees within various regions and industries. They then pulled over 2.5 million employee reviews from the numerous job posting sites and from there they filtered, analyzed, and came up with six categories of organizational performance:

1) Leadership

2) Diversity & Inclusion

3) Compensation

4) Benefits

5) Hiring experience

6) Great Place to Work

The important takeaways from this study is as follows:

  • Leadership Deficit Disorder (LDD) is very REAL. Leadership fell last amongst the six categories identified. 1 in 4 companies scored below 40 out of 100 in Leadership.

  • What's interesting is that you are likely to be among the 95% of companies that scored below 70 for Leadership... that's a lot of companies with underperforming leadership. This data shows that you have a good chance of having leadership issues.. but on the flip side. you are not alone.

  • Leadership had started to climb as one of the hottest topics of our decade. Leadership has shown to be the second biggest and most reviewed category.

  • The good news is many people like where they work, despite Leadership scoring low which means there is hope to turn around lack of effective leadership. Poor leadership is often cited in reviews as the main reason why employees leave the company. People may tolerate lower wages for exceptional leadership with a strong organizational purpose.

  • If left untreated, LDD in the long-term can be hazardous to your team's overall performance and health.

Here are some recommended solutions for LDD:

  • Pay Attention: when employees come to you with concerns/issues -- LISTEN and pay attention

  • Encourage recognition and transparency

  • Make leadership a priority

  • Seek Help: you will need skilled professionals to help you build sustainable leadership into your organization

  • Stay Committed: infusing leadership into performance means -- using objective metrics you can reliably measure, financially rewarding performance based on those metrics, tracking progress over time, and benchmarking against competitors and peers. Stay disciplined and stay committed.

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