Do you really need a business coach?

This topic has always been floating around in my head as I wasn't so sure what all the benefits of having a business coach were. I initially thought it was an expensive thing to have and it wouldn't really help me. For many years, I tried to figure things out myself with my own resources, networks, and education. I realized that I was only ever able to get to a certain point before I started to plateau or feel tapped out. Just like having great leaders at work, or a sports coach .. I now truly believe in having a business/life coach. I knew I needed someone to give me honest feedback, to help me stay accountable, to challenge my thoughts, and to help push me beyond what I could see.

So the question is... do you really need a business coach? Well.. I suppose that all depends on where you are at in life and what you hope to achieve with a coach. Everyone has their own talents and abilities and I feel that it becomes necessary to pick up and hone our skills along the way. Regardless if you are a little lost, want to seek better results, or simply just need some business advice... the services of a business coach could get you there.

Here are some reasons why you may want to consult one:

1) You are starting to feel overwhelmed: are you feeling like you lost a sense of control, your time management has gone out the window....? Can you complete all of your tasks?

2) You need someone who you can confide in about business details: a business coach can be your sounding board and provide you honest feedback about all your ideas and business plans.

3) You need some encouragement or push in the right direction

4) You're not getting or seeing the results you had envisioned: advice and guidance from a coach can help you break through the barriers so you can yield a higher return on investment.

5) You don't want to spend time or money on experimenting: if you don't want to spend the time and resources experimenting how to get started etc; then it could be the right time to find the right coach/mentor to help you break through.

6) You seem to be listening to the only ideas that you may have: real honest feedback provides balance to even the most successful entrepreneurs out there.

If you're looking for guidance and are ready to take on a fun filled adventure with me -- check out the services that I offer and don't be shy to reach out! I am here for you!

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