About Me



My name is Christine Yu, I am an entrepreneur, educator, baking nerd, self-care activist, expert in most things self-taught,  grew up in a small town and now I'm living my life in the city and working my way around to empower individuals like YOU!

I come from a multi-faceted background with over a decade of professional and start-up experiences in cross-industries from fashion to technology.


My focus is on Business and Mindset Strategies and my goal is to help you breakthrough challenges/barriers and bring you back on the right path towards success and happiness.

I want to help you build the bridge between that dream career, business, and life that you have always envisioned by bringing it to forefront with actionable, real-life proven strategies that work.

I'd like to share with you my 30-Day Workbook for Entrepreneurs, "Remember Why you Started". This workbook will take you through a series of exercises that will help you reset yourself and your mindset when it comes to your business and finding that spark and purpose. You're in the right spot if you feel a little lost, or stuck because this workbook will help expand your mindset and challenge you to grow as an individual and as an entrepreneur. There will be something to learn no matter what business stage you are in.